Mesoglycan – helps build Arteries

Mesoglycan - helps build Arteries

There are many cardiovascular problems in this country. There are on average 2,200 deaths every day from heart disease or stroke in America. A simple drug to prevent the problem would help prolong any person’s life span; however, there is no drug that will directly help blood vessel & arteries.

The answer is Mesoglycan. Healthy blood vessels, arteries, and veins are important to prevent heart disease, heart attacks, aneurysms and strokes. Mesoglycan is a source of lycosaminoglycans (GAGs) which are part of the building blocks for blood vessels & arteries. Mesoglycan is a natural nutrient to aid the circulatory system. Strong blood vessel walls helps uninterrupted & blood circulation is the one common factor for preventing heart disease & strokes.

Mesoglycan helps prevents hardening of the arteries. This will treat diabetic retinopathy and chronic venous insufficiency. To add, Mesoglycan inhibits the effects of fibrinogen. Fibrin is one of the causes of protein blood clots. The Fibrin protein blood clots is one of the causes of heart attacks & strokes.

The point to remember is that Mesoglycan makes blood vessel walls stronger yet more flexible. The natural alternative to prevent heart disease and stroke can be found in the building blocks of Mesoglycan.

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