Allspice fights against Prostate Cancer

allspice prostate cancer

In a laboratory test, a compound in allspice has been found to fight against prostate cancer. All spice is a worldwide used spice. The spice grows in Central America and can be found in cultures world wide.

According to the journal Carcinogenesis, allspice contains an antioxidant compound that inhibits the growth of prostate cancer. When tested, the allspice compound would slowdown the growth of cancer cells. The process would see significant change within 48 hours. To add, the compound would kill off about 50% of the cancer cells.

In controlled test environments, and human safe, after 10 days of treatment, the allspice compound would significantly interfere with the formation of cancer cell colonies. Allspice was resulted to decrease the growth of prostate tumors by 58%.

The specific compound is called ericifolin which suppresses the hormone for prostate growth. The experiment used about 10 times the amount found in freshly grounded allspice. For an average male to consume the equivalent amount he would need 3 to 5 grams of whole spice on a daily use. However, it should be known that large amounts of ericifolin has been tested for safety or health risks.

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